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Check out the technology and methodology behind our software development process.

Health Care
This is our main speciality, check out how we define and evaluate the health care system.

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Khabeer understands that offering low cost without high quality is meaningless, and that providing even the best quality is futile without on-time delivery. To that end, Khabeer follows globally recognized CMM Level 5 IT services quality standard.

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PrimeCare Product is consisting of a wide group of fully integrated modules working together efficiently and successfully to finally offer a complete control over the different hospital medical, financial and administrative activities.

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How PrimeCare Maintains the World-Wide Health Care Standards?

Fully integrated modules working together to offer a complete control over the hospital activities.
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Reliable and high performance database independent information system.
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The system is compatible with all international systems and medical standards.
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Parametric, thus user / system administrator can customize the majority of the system business and data flow.
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