Key Performance Indicators

Comprehensive and operating Hospital wide KPIs

It's important you have a KPIs in primeCare .

Evaluation of the competency of the Medical staff

Evaluation of the competency of the Administrative staff

Evaluation of the board performance

Clinical guidelines benchmarking of the medical process

Evaluation of the Financial position of the Hospital

Dynamic and interactive Categorized Patients Counts ,Income Resources

Quality analytical tools to reveal root causes of variances

Turn around time KPIs over the Functions of the hospital

Infection control measures and automated reporting to seniors

Isolation and Sterilization depending on predefined Conditions

Patient safety concept through drug-drug interaction, food-drug interaction and condition related drug contraindications

Patient fall risk evaluation , Braden Score evaluation of pressure ulcers to avoid risk of patient harm with consistency with WHO roles and regulations

Multidisciplinary Concept for comorbidities .

Redo Statistics over Laboratory and Radiology Services

Unexpected Returns to ER .

Unplanned (Redo) Operative and admissions

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Khabeer Stategy of Work

KHABEER , is offering a comprehensive, standard, fully integrated and web based HIS Package with implementation and customization services