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Mobile Solutions

is a Smart Mobile Apps for Executives, Doctors, and Nurses to help Medical facilities to better engage and intervene with their patients at the right time and in a right place.


Executive Board Application that allows timely on spot follow up of the organization operations timely .

  • Dynamic Dashboard with trending analysis of the performance and Benchmark process
  • Key Performance Indicators covering the clinical , Financial , administrative and quality activities within the organization
  • Detailed drill down concept startting from the daily oprations of the different departments up to the frontline users

Doctor Desktop

Doctor application that fully managng all the clinical processes with respect to different levels of care :

  • Patient assessment according to standrds and Guidelines
  • Full scope orders ; Lab , Rad , Operations ,Admission Requests and Drugs
  • On time Investigations reporting with special alerting system for critical results to gaurantee Patient Safety
  • Full scope of Drug Interactions guided by the international Medicine Databases

Nurse Desktop

Nurse application that freely allow the nurse to perform all the daily task activities and patient monitoring :

  • Patient healthstatus monitoring and vitals registering.
  • Lab orders , Rad Orders Execution through Nurse daily Managemnt activities
  • Medicines Management and execution according to the standards protocols
  • Overtime Results Matrix over time for every patient .