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Innovation For HealthCare Solutions

In a fast growing World motivated and accelerated by globalization and fast changes in standards and technologies, and has become a borderless village as well as full of rivalries; Healthcare Industries has recently become with more expectations and more technology oriented in order to minimize Time, Effort, Resources, Cost therefore reach the optimum outcome; SAFE & BETTER QUALITY OF HEALTHCARE. Before its time, KHABEER Company differentiated itself from the Market at a time where other companies were designing “Front & EMR solution”, and another “Back & ERP solution” which faced huge risks while integrating the systems together, but KHABEER Company recognized and revealed the real demand and started the journey very early in 2001, to create a State of art, Innovative, Standardized, modular, All-in-one, Cloud-based, web-based, browser based, Mobile based, work flow based, comprehensive User friendly system with full integration of all Clinical, Financial , Administrative and Quality functions, simultaneously and effectively, Multi-Branch with Users Management for Each Branch. The Vision of introducing the Business Intelligence to the Healthcare is uniquein our Systems fabric through on spot Dynamic Dashboard reflecting the timely operational activities to the the decision makers with the analytical tools that enable them to make informed decision was the guide that based on it , we developed the most effective Healthcare Dashboard with supporting augmentors of KPIs and KFIs complying with the Interanational Organizations that regulate the Healthcare Industries with all its different scope and levels as th Joint Commission International , IOM, NQF and AHRQ and with the support of alerting tools for risky parameters and with the ease of use through different mobile applications for the executives.

Today as a direct result and fruit of deep understanding and market realization; KHABEER Company Business portfolio has developed more than NINE Healthcare Software solutions respecting different levels of Healthcare facilities starting from large Multi-branch hospitals, midsized and small hospitals, down to specialized clinics, Medical and Dental Healthcare facilities, and has distinguished them to be one of the best World Class Healthcare Business Portfolio with respect to the specialty specifications and have been established in more than 100 elite primary, secondary, tertiary healthcare facilities and specialized polyclinics in Gulf region and in the Middle East where most of them are internationally accredited.


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