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An innovative, E-Health solution for Oncology Practice management, Developed & Supported by Health Experts and Professional Engineers to simplify every aspect of Oncologists and cancer patient’s day to day activities, this solution is supported by the most recent version of Guidelines.

More Features

  • Easy patient reservation
  • Easy management of clinic
  • Easy recall of patient history
  • Easy assessment of patient by adding pt complaint and symptoms by choosing from large database supported by Mayo clinic and classified according to age and gender
  • Easy assessment of patient performance by Karnofesky performance score
  • Easy assessment of patient DVT risk by using Khorana score, Padua score and Wells score
  • Easy diagnose patient using ICD-O'3 and staging using AJCC 8th edition
  • Easy investigation process by choosing from Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) data base
  • Easy Prescription ordering through smart screen fulfill both Physician and patient need; that screen contain more than 10000 medication and has the ability to suggest alternatives and to alert for Drug interactions and medication Allergy.
  • Easy ordering of chemotherapy regimens through smart screen that contains more than 4000 regimens based on NCCN Guideline and is periodically updated
  • Easy editing in chemotherapy regimen.
  • Regimen is written in details including; medication generic name, dose, dose calculation equation, route of administration, diluent and dilution volume and stability after dilution (based on Trissel Injectable handbook)
  • Auto calculation of chemotherapy doses
  • Chemotherapy screen has the ability to document Toxicity of each cycle using Common Terminology Adverse Events (CTAE) Guideline
  • Auto scheduling of chemotherapy regimens that can be printable to patient and previewed by patient application.
  • Available of Referral sheet that is auto filled with patient data
  • Print visit summery to patient and it can be also previewed by patient application
  • Answer patient questions by messaging system between Patient application and Doctor program.
  • Monitor clinic Earnings, Medical insurance claims and therefore taxes.
  • All these features are translated into statistics and KPI correlating and morphologic parameters of patients

    Statistics inclusion criteria:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Country
    • Governorate
    • Job
    • Main Financial class
    • Visit date
    • Comorbidities
    • Diagnosis
    • Stage
    • Complaint
    • Findings
    • Medications
    • Investigations
    • Chemotherapy regimens
    • Payment method
    • Trend analysis
    • All these features and more that makes you enjoy using oncovisork
    • .

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