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About Us

KHABEER Software Industries

KHABEER Software Industries, is a Healthcare information Management Software with world leading knowledge and expertise, KHABEER is not classified as only a software house but also as a Healthcare information Management knowledge center, we have over 100 expert associates based in Egypt. We have associates from healthcare backgrounds, including physicians, allied health professionals, pharmacists, engineers, technicians and more. We are committed to making a difference in healthcare. KHABEER Software Industries, LLC provides innovative healthcare solutions and services for implementing our Comprehensive, Standard, Fully integrated, Parametric, Modular, Multi hospital, Web based and Browser based hospital management information system

Our Healthcare information system Solutions will empower the hospital with full automation and full control over all the hospital medical, financial and administrative departments as per the most recent international standards and technologies. Everything starts from our foundation of intelligent solutions for health and care, and builds from there. We connect people and systems, supporting the clinical, financial and operational needs at organizations of every size. We’re enabling safe, digitized patient care across the healthcare facilities with our PrimeCare®

Our Mission

To organize medical knowledge and Digitalize all hospital activities and transactions through our innovative systems in a way that improve healthcare business quality and save people life around the globe

Our Vision

Communicating patient communities to Healthcare communities through our innovative HealthCare solutions in away that improve healthcare business quality and save people life around the globe

Our Values

Family Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Knowledge Transfer, Customer Focus, Achievement, Responsibility, Commitment

Our Sucess Stories

+ 25 M
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+20 K
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+ 100
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